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Alpha Technologies is a wafer foundry consortium specializing
in analog and mixed signal IC processes.

Alpha's San Jose facility at 1971 North Capitol Avenue has
a 5 inch fab capable of producing CMOS/DMOS/Bipolar/BiCMOS and BCDMOS processes. More processes are available from Alpha's foundry partners. Design kits with SPICE parameters are available for designers who want to use existing processes. If you require a second source or need to off-load excess production, Alpha Technologies can duplicate your process.

The accompanying Foundry Services Guide summarizes our available foundry processes. For more information, call our technical sales department at 408-934-0100 or email us at

Available processes include:
0.8 um to 5 um Bipolar to 90 volts / 25 GHz
BiCMOS to 35 GHz
Complementary Bipolar and BiCMOS with SiCr/NiCr resistors
High Voltage CMOS/Bipolar/DMOS to 350 volts
0.6 volt to 90 volt CMOS

Alpha Technologies International
1971 North Capitol Avenue
San Jose CA 95132


Alpha Technologies - The Wafer Foundry Consortium

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