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W A F E R   F O U N D R Y   C O N S O R T I U M

Alpha Technologies is a wafer foundry consortium providing analog and special purpose processes to fabless semiconductor companies, IDMs and everyone needing a high performance ASIC or SOC. Process parameters are available from our Process Locator pull down menu (above). Design kits with models are available for designers who want to use existing processes in the Process Locator.

Alpha Technologies wafer consortium members can provide:
Foundry wafers or packaged/tested die in Bipolar, CMOS, BiCMOS, BCDMOS, DMOS, PMOS, NMOS and SiGE.
Full custom ASIC design from your specification-specialists in analog and mixed analog/digital design.

Alpha's foundry consortium can duplicate your process to provide a reliable second source or to off-load excess production. Recent transfers have included complementary trench CBiCMOS, RF BiCMOS and TTL Bipolar. Alpha has also developed custom processes to meet customers requirements including bonded wafer processes, MEMS processes, high performance bipolar and low voltage CMOS.
The Process Locator summarizes several representative foundry processes our fabs offer. For a more complete list of processes we have, call our technical sales department at 408-934-0100 or email us at

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